RIOBOT系列 武装机甲 EX形态 莱茵巴雷尔机甲 可动模型
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2023-12-01 ~ 2023-12-04
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  • 作品名称:武装机甲
  • 商品分类:可动玩偶
  • 商品系列:--
  • 商品条码:4571335887780
  • 商品材质:合金
  • 商品重量(kg):--
  • 外箱重量(kg):--
  • 适用年龄:14岁以上
  • 外箱尺寸【长x宽x高】:
  • -- cm   -- cm   -- cm
  • 入箱数量:3 PCS
  • 入箱组数:--
  • 商品外包装尺寸【长x宽x高】:
  • -- cm   -- cm   -- cm
  • 商品尺寸【长x宽x高】:
  • 255.00 cm    -- cm   -- cm
材质:ABS、PVC、PA、金属压铸件 不错的开发,不是吗? 完全再现了为最终决战而制造的附加武器--"EX-Line 炮管"。 后部[大型发电机舱]内置鼓形发电机输出装置,可手动展开。双肩后部[无线等离子武器]还配备了可拆卸、可展开的噱头。 安装备用剑的手臂有两种长度可供选择,所有附加武器都可以净化,形成 "线管改装型"。改装型可通过更换肩部装甲部署噱头转换为[超速]形态。 当然,原作者清水英一先生对基座支柱进行了全面监督。 主要涂装为高贵的珍珠白,标记通过夯印和附加贴纸(贴纸和可选贴纸)完全再现,压铸部件用于营造重量感。最高峰[EX-Line Barrel]首次完成了立体化。
Material质:ABS、PVC、PA、金属压铸件 Nice development, isn't it? The "EX-Line Barrel" is a complete reproduction of the additional armament built for the final battle. A drum-shaped generator output device is built into the rear "large generator pod", which can be manually deployed. The "wireless plasma weapon" on the back of both shoulders can be detached and deployed. The arm on which the spare sword is mounted has two selectable lengths, and all additional armaments can be purged to create a "line barrel refurbished type. The modified type can be converted into an "overdrive" form by replacing the shoulder armor deployment gimmick. The pedestal pillar was designed by Mr. Eiichi Shimizu, not to mention the thorough supervision of Mr. Shimizu, the author of the original work. Painted mainly in elegant pearl white, the markings are fully reproduced with tampo prints and attached decals (stickers and selectable), and die-cast parts are used to create a sense of weight. The highest peak "EX-Line Barrel" was completed as the first three-dimensional.

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