Iron Studios/巴西厂 Art Scale 怪物史瑞克 1:10比例豪华版 史瑞克,驴子与姜饼人 美系雕像
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2024-02-28 ~ 2024-03-02
2024-03-02 ~ 2024-03-22
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  • 作品名称:怪物史瑞克
  • 商品分类:美系雕像
  • 商品系列:Art Scale
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  • 商品材质:宝丽石
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在中世纪王国的森林沼泽地上,巨大健壮的绿皮食人魔开心地拥抱着他最好的马匹朋友,虽然他生性粗暴,但却对这个善良健谈的冒险伙伴充满了好感(尽管他并没有表现出来),在他的左肩上还扛着一个小巧可爱的活饼干。史莱克、驴子和姜饼人豪华版--史莱克--艺术比例 1/10 "雕像源自最有趣、最受赞誉的动画杰作之一,Iron Studios 引以为豪地带来了这一深受喜爱的特许经营权的首款作品,电影中最著名、最具魅力的食人魔与他的两个好朋友一起,站在他家沼泽的风景基座上,旁边是警告牌,吓跑了不速之客。 在中世纪的土地上,史莱克对自己在杜洛克沼泽地里的孤独生活很满意,但他发现自己的和平与安宁受到了以自我为中心的法尔奎德勋爵的威胁,这位暴君统治者决定把所有的魔法生物都赶出森林。当他意外赢得骑士比武大赛时,他与法尔奎德达成协议,要救出被囚禁在由巨龙看守的城堡里沉睡的美丽公主菲奥娜,法尔奎德希望娶她为妻,成为国王,而作为对史莱克的奖赏,他将带走森林里的魔法生物。史莱克在一只会说话的驴子的陪伴下执行任务,驴子在史莱克无意中救了他一命后,出于感激加入了史莱克的行列。在这次冒险中,史莱克还得到了姜饼人(简称 Gingy)作为盟友,姜饼人是松饼人创造的一个小糖果,被邪恶的法尔奎德勋爵折磨得死去活来。

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Happy to be on his swamp in the forest of a medieval kingdom, the huge and robust figure of an Ogre with green skin hugs his best equine friend, and given his brute nature, in a not very delicate way, but with great affection (even though he does not show it) by the kind and quite a chatty adventure companion and bringing on his left shoulder the small and literally sweet figure of a temperamental living cookie. Derivative from one of the most fun and praised animation masterpieces, Iron Studios proudly bring the statue "Shrek, Donkey and The Gingerbread Man Deluxe - Shrek - Art Scale 1/10", their first release from this beloved franchise, with the most famous and charismatic Ogre in movies with two of his best friends, over a scenery pedestal of his home swamp next to the warning sign to scare away unwanted visitors. In a medieval land, pleased with his lonely life in Duloc’s swamp, Shrek sees his peace and tranquility threatened by the egocentric Lord Farquaad, a tyrant ruler that decides to kick out every magic creature to the forest. Annoyed by the sudden invasion of so many fairy tale protagonists in his territory, he leaves to have it out with the leader of humans, and when he wins the knight’s tournament unexpectedly, he ends up making an agreement with Farquaad to rescue the beautiful princess Fiona, that was living asleep and imprisoned in a castle guarded by a dragon, whom Farquaad wishes to take as wife to become king, and as a reward for Shrek, he would then take the magic creatures from his forest. Shrek goes on his mission, accompanied by a talking Donkey, that joins him out of gratitude after Shrek accidentally saves his life. In this adventure, Shrek also gets as an ally the Gingerbread Man, or simply Gingy, a small living candy that was created by Muffin Man and tortured by the evil Lord Farquaad.

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