ARTFX J系列 精灵宝可梦 小光与波加曼圆企鹅 再版 手办

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  • 作品名称:精灵宝可梦
  • 商品分类:日系手办
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From the hit Kotobukiya ARTFX J Pokémon series is the long awaited Hikari and Pochama! Like the rest of the statues in the ARTFX J Pokémon series, the statue is based on specially commissioned art by Hitoshi Ariga, brought to life down to the finest details thanks to Kotobukiya's expert craftsmanship! The scarf that seems to be blowing in the wind and the pose of both Hikari and Pochama are filled with life in a way that can only be captured by utmost craftsmanship. Be sure to pay close attention to the beautifully shining details in the eyes. Follow us into the amazing world of Pokémon! *This reproduction will have a different SRP than its first release in Jul. 2020.]

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