Q生物系列 猫头鹰海德薇 毛绒玩偶
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2022-07-03 ~ 2022-08-30
2023-02-20 ~ 2023-03-10
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  • 规格参数
  • 品牌名称: Qmx
  • 作品名称:哈利波特
  • 商品分类:毛绒玩偶
  • 商品系列:——
  • 商品条码:812095026724
  • 商品尺寸:15*16*20cm
  • 商品材质:纺织物
  • 入箱数量:24
  • 适用年龄:14岁以上

A Most Precious Gift
Gracefully perched and always at the ready, our Hedwig Qreatures™ plush is an essential addition to any Potterhead's collection.

Hedwig the snowy owl was Harry's first ever birthday present and his first friend, serving him as both a faithful mail-carrier and companion.

Measuring 8 inches tall, our sculptural stylized plush Hedwig Qreatures™ is created with high-quality fabric and detailed embroidery. Hedwig is posed for optimal display yet soft enough to merit the occasional cuddle as well.

Create your own collection of fantastic beasts by bringing Hedwig home along with fellow Qreatures™ Niffler, Buckbeak, and Fluffy!