Q生物系列 杰夫宝宝陆行鲨 毛绒玩偶
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2022-03-03 ~ 2022-05-31
2022-10-10 ~ 2022-11-30
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  • 品牌名称: Qmx
  • 作品名称:Marvel 漫威
  • 商品分类:毛绒玩偶
  • 商品系列:——
  • 商品条码:812095025796
  • 商品尺寸:19*25*21cm
  • 商品材质:纺织物
  • 入箱数量:24
  • 适用年龄:14岁以上

A Fish Out of Water
Adopted by Gwenpool during her time on the West Coast Avengers, Marvel’s Jeffrey the Baby Land Shark was found living in a secret lair filled with land sharks. Unfortunately, when Gwenpool’s comic was canceled, she brought Jeffrey to live with her friend Deadpool where the two became fast friends.
Our 7.5-inch long Jeffrey the Baby Land Shark Qreature features a gray-blue body, which includes his fins, short little legs, and a grin full of sharp teeth. Like all of our Qreatures, Jeffrey the Baby Land Shark is a sculptural, stylized plush. He’s stitched with great precision using top-quality materials and designed to hold his shape even when biting bad guys.
Pair him up with our other Qreature plush from our first Marvel collection, including our Goose Qreature and Howard the Duck Qreature. Don’t let their size fool you; they are all equally dangerous.