Q-Fig Max Elite系列 沃尔玛限定 小丑回魂 恶魔蜘蛛潘尼怀斯 场景手办 ★

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  • 品牌名称: Qmx
  • 作品名称:小丑回魂
  • 商品分类:美系雕像
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  • 商品材质:PVC
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  • 适用年龄:14岁以上


Little Georgie Denbrough gently offers you his paper boat, claiming he caught up to it in the sewers. Do NOT take it. Don’t follow him. Don’t be fooled. Because you’re about to see what Pennywise really is, and he’s no dancing clown. 

The Pennywise We All Float Q-Fig Max Elite showcases the eldritch horror that is Pennywise in his true form - a giant, demonic “spider” with massive appendages. Pennywise towers above poor Georgie, standing approximately 7.5 inches high, making it one of the largest Q-Figs ever produced - and certainly the most terrifying. Every detail is precisely rendered, from each stitch on Pennywise’s elaborate costume to Georgie’s iconic yellow raincoat. Let’s just not talk about his arm. Perhaps we went too far?

If you get the Pennywise We All Float Q-Fig Max Elite be warned: It WILL give you nightmares. But who are we kidding - you love to be scared, or you wouldn’t have clicked on this link. And now we’ve got you! We all float down here....