Q-Pal系列 最后的气宗 安昂 8寸绒布人偶

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  • 商品品牌: Qmx
  • 商品条码: 812095025215
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  • 品牌名称: Qmx
  • 作品名称:——
  • 商品分类:毛绒玩偶
  • 商品条码:812095025215
  • 入箱数量:48
  • 商品材质:纺织物
  • 预计发售日期:2021年7月
  • 商品尺寸:约20cm
  • 年龄分层:14岁以上

We’ve harnessed the power of the four elements to create the cutest incarnation of the Avatar you’ve ever cuddled! Inspired by Nickelodeon’s beloved Avatar: The Last Airbender, our 8-inch super soft Aang Q-Pal features high quality materials coupled with intricate details to deliver a truly collectible plush figure. Complete with his bending staff, signature robe and the iconic bright blue Air Nomad tattoo, the Aang Q-Pal will melt your heart. Especially if he starts firebending. Aang will be lonely without Sokka and Katara to join him on his quest, so be sure to collect our entire series of Avatar: The Last Airbender Q-Pals!