MAFEX 复仇者联盟:无限战争 奇异博士 可动人偶

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  • 商品品牌: Medicom/麦迪康
  • 商品条码: 4530956471525
  • 作品名称: 复仇者联盟
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  • 规格参数
  • 作品名称:复仇者联盟
  • 商品分类:可动玩偶
  • 商品条码:4530956471525
  • 入箱数量:24
  • 商品材质:PVC
  • 预计发售日期:2021年11月
  • 商品尺寸:6英寸
  • 年龄分层:14岁以上
Relive the excitement of Avengers: Infinity War with MAFEX Doctor Strange! He measures over 6 inches tall and features newly designed joints to make posing easier than ever. Doctor Strange comes with plenty of effect parts and optional hands to recreate scenes from the film. A poseable figure stand is also included to keep him standing tall on your shelf. Be sure to add him to your Avengers team!
Box Contents:
♦ Doctor Strange figure
♦ 2 Head sculpts
♦ 3 Pairs of hands
♦ 12 Magic effect pieces
♦ 2 Eye of Agamotto necklaces
♦ Arm accessory
♦ Stand