Hiya 极致迷你系列 1/18 机械战警 战损版 ED209 坦克型双足机器人 可发声

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  • 作品名称:机械战警系列
  • 商品分类:可动玩偶
  • 商品系列:——
  • 商品条码:6957534200786
  • 商品尺寸:5.5英寸
  • 商品材质:PVC
  • 入箱数量:6
  • 适用年龄:14岁以上

It is the city of Old Detroit. The time: tomorrow! Mega-corporation Omni Consumer Products has been contracted by the city to rebuild the crumbling industrial landscape and to defend the citizenry. Their plan is self-serving; rather than rebuild, they’ll tear it all down and replace the Motor City with “Delta City”. And rather than empower the police, they’ll replace them…with a more controllable alternative. OCP’s first option was the fully-automated and autonomous battle droid ED-209. Hiya Toys revisits its now sold-out ED-209 figure with a special battle-damaged variant. With an exploded cannon on one arm, and featuring scars from its top-floor battle with Robocop, this film-accurate 1:18 scale figure stands 5 ½” tall and is a perfect reproduction of one of the 80s coolest (and incompetent) villains. As with its predecessor, the Battle Damaged ED-209 also features a sound chip with movie-accurate sound effects and dialogue, while also featuring a new foot sculpt.