Hiya 极致迷你系列 1/18 异形大战铁血战士 长老铁血

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  • 商品品牌: Hiya/海雅
  • 商品条码: 6957534201196
  • 作品名称: 铁血战士系列
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  • 作品名称:铁血战士系列
  • 商品分类:可动玩偶
  • 商品条码:6957534201196
  • 入箱数量:12
  • 商品材质:PVC
  • 预计发售日期:2021-09
  • 商品尺寸:12cm
  • 年龄分层:14岁以上

In an alternate 2004, industrialist Charles Bishop Weyland sends a group of explorers to investigate a mysterious Antarctic
pyramid. They arrive and immediately discover they’ve entered a Yautja hunting ground. Now caught between a trio of Hunters
and a host of xenomorphs, the team must find a way to escape…or risk becoming prey or trophy! In Yautja culture, the Elder
Predator are those warriors whose exploits set them apart from both Blooded and Elite warriors. They mentor the Young Bloods
within a clan, and choose which planets on which a hunt is to take place. It was an Elder Predator, otherwise known as an Ancient,
that watches the events unfold on Bouvet Island, and presented Lex Woods with his own combistick to honor her fight alongside
Scar. The Elder Predator wears his ceremonial cloak, and comes complete with extended wristblades, his combistick in both
extended and retratcted mode, three pairs of hands, and a stand for ease in posing. This 1:18 scale figure stands approximately 4”
tall and also features a pegged stand for posing.